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What We Do - Mobile Design


The web has changed and so has the way websites are built and managed.

At Corin Design we’re focused on you, and helping you grow your business because if you’re successful, then so are we.
We’ve set out to do things differently because it’s apparent that the way websites are currently built and managed is old-fashioned, expensive and extremely ineffective.

With Corin, you can say goodbye to the cycle of building an expensive website and then watching it slide into obsolescence before repeating the same costly process 2 or 3 years later.

Instead, think of your website as your shop window; build it once and then keep on dressing it to keep your customers coming back, time and time again.

Corin Design work with you to keep you website fresh and fast.

1. You keep the site fresh by updating the content, changing images, writing blog posts etc.

2. We’ll keep the site fast by constantly improving and updating the platform to keep Google happy.

By doing that, you’ll never have to build a new site from scratch again.

Traditionally, getting a business website built has been a slow and painful process where you either gambled your money on a big expensive agency/graphic designer or you had a go at building it yourself perhaps with some help from your neighbour/nephew.

Because until now, there’s never been a reliable, fast and cost-effective way to get a professional businesses website.

We’ve fixed that because with Corin, you are only 4 steps away from your new website:

What We Do - Simple Process

1. We ask you to fill in our online Marketing Assessment whilst we research your business and your sector.

What We Do - Simple Process

2. We come and meet you to learn about the character and personality of your business and to understand exactly what you need.

What We Do - Simple Process

3. We then provide you with a fully working, prototype website so you can see exactly what the finished product will look like.

What We Do - Simple Process

4. If you’re happy with the prototype (and you will be) we build your site from the ground up and test it to make sure ti works perfectly on all devices and browsers.

You can then populate your site in your own time and when you’re ready, we’ll launch your new website, within 24 hours.

… and don’t forget, with Corin, you can extend your website as your business grows and develops. For example, you can add new pages and new features and even start selling online without ever having to redesign your site from scratch.


You’ll have noticed that website build costs vary from a few hundred pounds to tens, or even hundreds, of thousands so how do you know how much you should be paying and how do you know what you’re going to get from your investment?
With Corin, you don’t pay anything until you’ve seen and approved your fully working, website prototype. When you know and like what you’re going to get, you pay for the build.


Firstly, we charge a fair and reasonable rate for the build, a rate that is affordable and appropriate for a professional product that wil grow your business. That charge can be paid in one lump or in 12 installments over the first year.
Secondly, and this is again where we differ from others, we don’t want to build you a website and then walk away. The success of your website is comes from always ensuring it is “on point” ie fast, effective and tuned in to the ever changing demands of Google.

Our Monthly Support Package is the crucial difference between having a website that fades into obsolescence and having a vibrant successful website that stays fresh, stays fast and grows your business.

The Monthly Support Package provides you with:

  • On-going access to your next generation, Website Dashboard where you’ll be able to update and add content to your website.
  • Guaranteed access to the latest version of the website platform, as soon as it is updated.
  • Free access to updates, new tools and new features, as soon as they are released.
  • Regular “top tips” to help you improve the effectiveness of your website, to ensure it grows your business.
  • An annual Skype review of your website to assess it’s performance and styling.
  • On-going security updates plus rolling off-site backup of data, website and server.
  • Free hosting.

We've always got your back

The best way for us to grow our business is for your website to be a success and for it to grow your business and that’s why we partner up with our customers.

We’ve always “got your [website] back”. We’re always improving and upgrading our platform to make your site better and faster and more in synch with the demands of Google and the other search engines.

It is the combination of us constantly improving and adding to the platform and you adding and refreshing the content that makes the difference.

What We Do - We've always got your back
What We Do - We've always got your back
What We Do - We've always got your back
What We Do - We've always got your back
What We Do - We've always got your back
What We Do - We've always got your back
Tom Patterson - Sales Partner

Tom Patterson

Sales Manager

Tom will be your first point of contact; he will meet (or Skype) with you and walk you through the process of understanding exactly what you need from your website before introducing you to Laura

Laura Hayward - Customer development Manager

Laura Hayward

Client Manager

Laura will be your main point of contact; multi-tasking doesn’t begin to cover it, she knows everything that is going on in the business and she ensures everything gets done - on time, every time

Dan Fox - Web Wizard

Dan Fox

Web Wizard

Dan’s the man who puts the magic into your website; it’s his flair and "design eye” that will give the look of your website a serious advantage over all of your competitors websites

Mav Woron - Technology Expert

Mav woron

Website Developer

Mav is a technology expert and he is brilliant at creating responsive business websites. He will build your super-fast website before testing it across all devices and browsers to ensure it works brilliantly on every mobile, tablet or PC

Simon Hibbard - Technical Consultant


Technology Developer

Si is responsible for our next generation, drag & drop Website Dashboard, the only “real view” CMS on the market and he is continually adding new features and improvements to make it more intuitive and feature rich


Under-pinning every successful business is its brand, character and personality and making sure those elements are consistently applied is an important part of any successful enterprise.

Whether its logos, letterheads, brochures, catalogues, packaging, sign-writing, exhibition space, vehicle wrapping, advertising or shop design, Corin Design can quickly fulfill your needs.

At Corin Design we take the pain out of promoting your business. We'll give you straightforward advice and value for money so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

Building your website

Corin Design websites are not based around templates like Wordpress, they are proper business websitesdesigned to help local independent businesses compete with, and beat, big players like Tesco and Starbucks.

We build super-fast, totally up to date, Google enabled websites packed with all the facilities to satisfy your customers and move your business up the Google rankings.

Our sites are responsive too, so your customers can view your website on any device (Mac, PC, Tablet or Smartphone) and it will look great on all of them. So in effect, you buy a Corin Design website and you get a web-app for nothing.

Promoting your website

You’ll hear lots of people talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is simply the skill of getting your website as near to the top of the Google charts when someone searches for whatever you sell.

At Corin, we avoid the smoke & mirrors and tech-speak that are used by most companies and instead we will help you focus relentlessly on two strategies.Making your site as attractive as it can be to the Google search engines because they frequently look at your site and decide how well it meets their search criteria before ranking it.

Working with you to create lots of activity on or around your site e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, article submission, link building, because this is another area that the Google search engines will rank you on.


“Working with you was easy, quick and so professional. Something I need to support the work we do at redheadPR. I have had so many lovely comments about my page“

Sara Tye

“As soon as I met with Corin they got me. They also got my brand, my passion and my ludicrous attention to detail. I knew without doubt they would deliver everything I wanted. Within a week we had a website which was 95% there. The snagging list was then sorted and now I have a site I’m completely happy with.“

James Fear Photography

join our HAPPY CUSTOMERS and get your dashboard now!

Our Website Dashboard eclipses any of the old-school CMSs that you may have struggled with and has revolutionised the website owner’s interaction with their websites.