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Traditionally, getting a business website built has been a slow and painful process where you either gambled your money on a big expensive agency/graphic designer or you had a go at building it yourself, perhaps with some help from someone you know.

Because until now, there’s never been a reliable, fast and cost-effective way to get a professional businesses website.

In much the same way that Apple and Tesla approach their business, we set out to challenge all the "norms" about how websites are traditionally built and as a consequence, we have created a process that ensures your business will get the website that it needs, at the right price and with the minimum fuss.


Firstly, we'll ask you to fill in our online Marketing Assessment which provides us with lots of essential information about your business, your sector, what you do/don't like etc. We use this information together with our own research and online experience to build a website framework for you to see.

Next, we'll have a Skype or phone/screenshare meeting with you to learn more about the character of your business and to understand what you need from your new website. We'll show you the website framework which will give you a little taste of what you'll end up with and then, using our Website Price Configurator we'll help you select all the features you want/need on your site.

Then, if you're happy, we'll begin building your website and along the way, we'll take some time to show you the working prototype of your new website as we create it, so you can see exactly what the finished product will look like.

Lastly, we'll test your new website to ensure it works perfectly on all devices and browsers and then it will be ready to be populated with all your content and images.


Depending upon your sector and whether your new website is an e-commerce or brochure site, adding the content (images, text, products, prices, blog posts etc) can either take a few hours or much longer.

So earlier in the process, when you're making your selections using the Website Price Configurator, we will help you choose whether to populate your site yourself or for Corin to do that work on your behalf.

Then, once the site is full of content, you'll be keen get it earning money for you so as soon as you're ready to "to live", we’ll launch your new website, within 24 hours.

… and don’t forget, with Corin, you can extend your website as your business grows and develops. For example, you can add new pages and new features and even start selling online without ever having to redesign your site from scratch.

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