At Corin Design we always try and engage our clients to evolve their branding and website identity allowing them to stay current and fresh. This was exactly the case with Watershed in Newquay, Cornwall, for whom we have recently re-designed their online shop. 

It wasn't that the previous website was poor, the client was looking to take another step in becoming a real leader in their niche market on-line and needed to freshen things up a bit. This is where Corin Design came in and were asked to strip the website back and give a fresh, modern feel to the website. Out went the repeated wooden background image to be replaced with a clean white overall base to the whole website. We then looked at the fonts used throughout the site and decided that, instead of the old typewriter style face that was being used, we'd use an easy to read ‘Open Sans' font. If you take a look at the foam surfboards page for example, is not only easily read and crisp but it looks great too. 

From there we decided to freshen the colour scheme from greys and blues and went with a subtle yet punchy plum and black look. This gives it a real modern edge, and with the inclusion of three new mini banners on the homepage, is bold and to the point without jumping right out at you. The use of a fullscreen video background on the home page has made it more dynamic and engaging for their target audience, whilst complimenting the fantastic new super size lifestyle imagery produced by their in-house photographer.

This re-designed website just shows that you don't have to scrap your corporate identity and start all over again. Just a few colour changes and switching to a more modern font can work wonders for not only your website but the overall feel of your company branding. 

Watershed Brand - New Responsive Website Design

Watershed are also using our 'Monthly Support Package', so not only do they continue to keep the content updated and fresh to help them move up the Google Rankings, but we guarantee they will never have to re-build their website from scratch again as we keep their website up to date with all the latest web technologies.

If you need any advice or would like to discuss upgrading your website to a responsive designed website please call Corin Design on 01285 655455.