Another website goes live! This time it's been designed and built for Stroud Stairlifts, a specialist independent lift supplier based in Gloucestershire. Taking on both Local Authority and private work, Stroud Stairlifts install new and reconditioned stairlifts and also specialise in suppling complex reconditioned curved lifts.

As an independent stairlift dealer, the company is able to provide impartial advice on the correct solution, from a number of suppliers, each perfectly suited to the customer's circumstances. The company works closely with charities, housing associations and local authority customers and in particular, has gained a good reputation with local occupational therapists and health care teams for providing a trustworthy and efficient service.

After the launch of the website, I took a chance to have a chat with Chris Woodend, a Director of Stroud Stairlifts, to see what makes him tick.

  • What did you want to be when you were young?
    • I wanted to be a mountaineer!
  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
    • Doing it right the first time will always save you time in the long run.
  • What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in business?
    • Adopting new technology too soon. The business was going really well and we were expanding and wanted to offer the latest products. So we bought 30 lifts of a new design that had an incredible feature, the track and the lift both moved up and down the stairs so that it could be installed across a doorway at the foot of the stairs. But they proved to be terribly unreliable. It could have sunk us as we had to replace most of them.
  • What do you like most about your job?
    • It’s got to be the people I have met while doing this work, some incredible people with some amazing life stories. Most people over 90 seem to have something in common; they are all quite relaxed, there’s a research topic for someone there.
  • What do you like least?
    • Sticky carpets, rare thank goodness, but least said.
  • Who is your business hero?:
    • Duncan Bannatyne; following his dishonourable discharged from the Navy, he realised that nobody was going to employ him, so he bought an ice cream van for £450; the rest you know. It is often adversity of some kind or other that pushes people into starting a business, as when you are in your comfort zone the motivation rarely grabs you hard enough to take the plunge.
  • What piece of advice would you give to someone new to business?
    • New businesses are swamped with emails and phone calls offering all kinds of advertising opportunities. Don’t be tempted to take the easy route, plan your own advertising by researching what will work best for you, stick to your plan and carefully monitor its success, making the changes you need to when needed. Don’t throw your hard earned cash into the wind and hope for the best. Track down the people you want to help you, (like Corin Design).
  • What is your personal ambition for life?
    • Find enjoyment in life here and now as you live it.

Stroud Stairlifts is a lovely local company that works hard for its customers and does a great job. If you, or someone you know, is in need of a stairlift then go to Stroud Stairlifts or call them on 01453 808018.